When working out isn't enough.

Have you tried to run far enough, fast enough, and sustained the crazy pace to avoid a personal story from your past catching up with you?

Avenu Mask Update | May 1st

Throughout covid, every decision we’ve made has been filtered through the lens of sustainability. Here's how we're moving forward into May.

It's time to rethink fat loss.

When it comes to your health, waistline, & longevity, this past year has lumped us into the same storm, but we're riding in different boats

It's time to take a breather...

When we measure our actions around getting back to the basics, we’ll regain the confidence & energy needed to explore how awesome we can be.

Avenu update | April 8th

Come invest a few minutes warming up, foam rolling, and preparing your body so you can get the most out of your workout. Here's how...

Mask Update | April 1, 2021

The litmus test of a great workout here at Avenu is this: "Did you train with tomorrow in mind?" When you look to tomorrow, you have to...

#AskAvenu 007 | Do you run?

#askAvenu 007 | Do you run? Bored with running? Run to clear your head but your knees hurt? Losing weight without running?