• Brent Gallagher

3-Day Weekend Training Plan

Updated: Feb 25

Friday's are typically the last day for your weekly routine.  Which means working out and eating healthy on Saturday and Sunday takes a back seat.  

  • Lunch at home is different than lunch at work. 

  • No early alarm means your regular 6:00am work doesn't happen.

  • Staying out of the pantry and fridge requires more determination.

  • Carving out some "me time" is different when the family is around.

  • No Avenu workout scheduled means skipping is 100% guilt free 😇

Since you put in such hard work during the week to build your health, there's no reason the weekend should erase it.   So here's a schedule you can follow starting today, Friday, and follow through the weekend so you'll wake up Monday feeling recharged and ready to take on next week.




Enjoy the weekend. 

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