• Brent Gallagher

After 3 days of in-person workouts, the feedback.

Updated: Feb 25

In just 3 days of being open and over 100 in-person workouts, your feedback is painting a very positive storyline:

"...very professional and plenty of space, good flow from entering to exiting." "Amazing...the process / place couldn't seem any safer. It feels great to be back!" "I'm really struggling to come up with anything possible that could be improved and my husband can a attest that I have strong opinions on everything." I get it. We're only 3 days in. But with such a positive start, I couldn't help but share. So far, everyone's signing up to come back in again after their 1st session. They're even inviting their friends and family to join in the fun. If you're on the fence, our virtual workouts are here to stay. Heck, we're even training both Virtual and In-person clients at the same time!!! Thank you again for all your trust and support as we navigate the uncharted waters ahead. If you have any positive words about your in-person or virtual training, it would mean the world to me to hear about it.   It's because of you this journey is possible.   Enjoy the day...  - Brent Gallagher More positive words from clients:

  • "I felt safe throughout..."

  • "You've put a lot of thought into it..."

  • "...everything went smoothly and I felt extremely comfortable."

  • "You guys are so dedicated to minimizing health risks and take precautions very seriously..."

  • "...I thought it was well thought out and executed. I felt comfortable" 

  • "I thought it was perfect! All the work you all have done presents great."

  • "I really liked the new and improved social distancing setup."

  • "All additional precautions are very much appreciated and welcomed."

  • "...completely comfortable because everything gets cleaned..."

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