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Avenu's answer for your nagging pain.

Ever woke up hurt?

You went to bed fine, but now your neck, back, knee, shoulder, elbow, or bottom of your foot is killing you.

I know your first thought: Is this going to affect my workout?

Not any more! We are now offering Physical Therapy at both locations.

That's right, instead of having to rearrange your schedule to see a PT in the middle of your workday, you can schedule an appointment either before or right after your workout.

It's the perfect solution for all your aches and constant pains.

Meet Rashi Agrawal, PT, DPT, NCS HERE.

What pain management can Rashi help with?

  1. Achy knee that slows your run down.

  2. Catchy back that never seems to get better.

  3. Painful shoulder that hurts putting a shirt on.

  4. Ludicrous stabbing neck / foot pain that just flat out sucks.

Got Vertigo? Migraine? Dizziness? Rashi is a board-certified neurological specialist. That means she can help with those feelings of...

  • room is spinning dizziness.

  • stabbing pain behind your eye.

  • wobbliness when you're a bit off in your balance.

How to connect:

  • Email Rashi

  • Text or Call: 832.895.7788

  • Read more about her services.

  • Or I can make a personal introduction if you'd like.

🎯 But here's the kicker: She can only help you if you connect!

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