• Brent Gallagher

Avenu Workout Podcast 001 | Cassie's secret

Updated: Feb 25

I love listening to podcasts.  I love working out.  So I thought I'd combine the two and create the Avenu Workout Podcast just for you.     This is literally a follow along, coach-led workout and a podcast interview at the same time. (I feel like Steve Jobs introducing the iPhone).   First up, Cassie (my wife) talks about a secret she hasn't shared before openly to the Avenu Community. I promise, the lessons you'll take away and the workout you get are worth the 15 minutes you invest.  

You get all the benefits:

  1. A great 15-minute coach-led workout

  2. A great conversation to help make your workout a bit more enjoyable, this is for you.

Grab 2 dumbbells and workout along with Cassie.  ✅ And if you enjoyed this, it would mean the world if you would share this with a friend. 

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