• Brent Gallagher

How opposition derails your weight.

Updated: Feb 25

All the annoying things which seem to oppose you losing weight, eating healthier, and making things last, are actually the raw materials to help you achieve your goals.

Opposition comes in many forms:

  1. No time to prepare a healthy dinner.

  2. Slept through your alarm.

  3. Friends encouraging you to drink another.

  4. Stressful day at work.

  5. Kids are picky eaters.

  6. Your spouse is lazy.

  7. Your current routine isn't working.

  8. You're too busy to fit in a workout.

  9. You get bored easily.

  10. You're not sure where to start so your plan doesn't stick long.

In other words: If you continue to be derailed by the same opposition, they are serving you in some capacity. 😳 Opposition is the Way If you're on the right path, opposition will become more persistent. Why? Because opposition allows you to transform what seems to oppose your goal into the actual actions which bring about your success. The key is recognizing and naming your opposition in the moment. Once you can name it, you can tame it!

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