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How to think about your fitness during COVID.

Updated: Feb 25

Wanted to share with you an interview I did that will leave you with a smile.

In just 20 minutes, we cover all this...   

  1. Craziness of revamping the Avenu business model in 48 hours.  

  2. The awkwardness of Virtual Training for us...and for you!

  3. How to think about your fitness during this season.

  4. The best fitness plan for your kids.

  5. #1 lesson Cassie and I have learned about being parents right now.

Click the PIC to listen

A few ways to listen: 

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Skip to the 3:00 minute mark if you want to get right into it.

And if you enjoyed it, it would mean the world to have you share it with 3 others who might need some positiveness during this time.  As always, enjoy the day.   - Brent Gallagher

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