• Brent Gallagher

It's time to rethink fat loss.

When it comes to your health, waistline, and longevity, this past year has lumped us into the same storm, but we're all riding in different boats. The storm we're all in:

Covid worries + Always connected + Disrupted routines + Burn out + Feeling blah + Comparing your body to someone 20 years younger = Weight gain, sleepless nights, drinking more, & feeling you're not enough.

Your unique "health" boat:

  • Some are cruising in a yacht.

  • Some are trolling in a bass boat.

  • Some are paddling in a canoe.

  • Some are drifting in a life raft.

  • Some are clinging to a piece of driftwood.

The Muddy Waters of the Fat Loss Storm Most dieting advice is crazy complex. Most feel they just need to count calories better. Most believe daily cardio = beach readiness. Most surrender to the myth of more willpower. Most neglect the basics in favor of punishment. Most hope that "if some is good, more is better." Most think "50 is the new 20" applies to their bodies as well. What #influencers won't tell you. There's a difference between my journey, your best friend's, your favorite Instagram influencer, and your own. You might have thrived during the chaos of covid and lost weight. Or you went the other way. The trouble comes when you start comparing your health and waistline with someone who's in a completely different boat. When it comes to fat loss, there are factors #influencers don't talk about:

  1. Your age.

  2. Your season of life.

  3. Your level of stress.

  4. Your family dynamics.

  5. Your relationship with food.

  6. Your relationship with loved ones.

  7. Your current underlying, unknown issues.

  8. Your past experiences in life and how they drive the decisions you make today.

Embrace this to lose fat.

You don't get healthy, lean and forget about it.

On a daily basis, for the rest of your life, you have a conscious decision to make within the storm we're all facing. The key is to recognize which boat you're in and make wise decisions that move you into the next one up.

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