• Brent Gallagher

It's time to take a breather...

It's been 391 days of straight sprinting around here at Avenu. The team and I are feeling the exhaustion, the varying degrees of burnout, but we realize it's part of the price we’ve paid to continue doing what we love, keep our jobs, and allow Avenu’s doors to stay open. Like so many of you, we haven’t had a chance to hit the pause button and just take a breather. The Next 50 Days Instead of stepping on the gas and completely burning ourselves out, I've challenged the team to invest time today through Memorial Day recharging, refocusing, and reconnecting with each other by doing 5 things.

  1. Working out together.

  2. Loving on your clients.

  3. Serving your teammates.

  4. Writing notes of appreciation.

  5. Growing and developing yourself daily.

Defining the Win: These 5 drivers are what winning looks like for the Avenu team. For you, these 5 daily drivers might look completely different. But the goal remains the same: Leave behind the stress and uncertainty of the past and simply enjoy taking care of yourself once again. When we all measure our actions around getting back to the basics, we’ll regain the confidence and energy needed to explore how awesome we can be as we enter the covid homestretch. Strive for 5 What would your 5 daily drivers look like to get you back on track to feeling fit and healthy? If you're needing some guidance, the Avenu Roadmap is a great place to start:

  1. Know your workout style - AKA: What type of movement do you enjoy?

  2. Strive for 5 workouts a week.

  3. Fill half your plate with veggies.

  4. Aim for 7+ hours of sleep nightly.

  5. Seek out accountability.

Our mission as coaches is to help you to find creative ways to make a healthy lifestyle sustainable.

Now, it’s time the team and I take a dose of our own medicine and joined you on a journey to leading ourselves well.

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