• Brent Gallagher

Masking your workout: Uncomfortable but necessary.

Updated: Feb 25

Avenu Fitness & Lifestyle is following Gov. Abbot’s July 2nd order to help slow the COVID-19 spread by requiring clients to wear masks during their small-group, 30-minute workouts.

During this stressful season, our immune systems are weakened, our sleep is disrupted, and our food choices probably aren’t the best. When we’re stressed and continue to work out at high intensities without masks on, we open ourselves up to increased chances of spreading the disease, personally becoming infected, and even injuring ourselves.

However, if you keep the intensity high with a mask on, it can be uncomfortable.

Here at Avenu, we found out that if we lowered the intensity for our clients and allowed them to adjust to working out with the mask on, they quickly adapted and continued to train consistently.

You’re right. You might not crush as many calories, push your heart rate limits, or fall over in exhaustion. But the good thing is that a workout isn’t only defined in those terms.

Ask yourself: What steps can I take today to make a healthy lifestyle truly sustainable for myself, my loved ones, and my neighbors?

When you train with your mask on, you shift from “working out” to “working in.”

“Working in” involves paying attention to how hard and long you train. You’ll still get the same rush a workout provides, but you’ll train at a level that allows you to repeat it tomorrow, which is the marker of any high-quality workout.

By slowing down, you’ll build truly sustainable health.

By wearing a mask, you’ll help your neighbors stay healthy.

When we all combine these two proactive steps, we’ll begin to redefine what makes a healthy lifestyle sustainable:

Wear a mask. Sleep more. Eat better. Train smarter.

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