• Brent Gallagher

Preparation Is Key

Updated: Feb 25

Like the downbeat of a symphony conductor baton cueing the musicians, all the “emergency weather” alerts starting chiming on our phones to announce #WinterFest2021 has arrived.

And as the power was flipped off for millions, we all asked the same questions:

  1. Do we have batteries?

  2. Gas for the generator?

  3. Matches and candles?

  4. Firewood?

  5. Enough blankets & food?

It’s in the moment of emergency, all our preparations pay off...or they don’t.

Now think about your health, waistline or blood pressure:

Last second preparation, cramming in right before the doctor visit, the big event, or stepping on the scale, is placing your hopes on icy grounds.

One extreme workout won’t burn off all the fat.

One healthy meal won’t decrease your blood pressure.

One night of 8 hours won’t reduce anxiety or depression.

What one can do:

One workout, one healthy meal, one night of 8 hrs of sleep can:

....start you down a healthier path.

...begin the process of burning fat.

...give you hope for a better tomorrow.

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