• Brent Gallagher

Protect Your Health. Shave Off Pounds.

It just happened...

I dropped my phone. 😤 (Sit with the feeling in for a moment.)

Flip a coin and I could never call it. But drop my phone and you know exactly what side it's landing on.

"...I've got a case..." I rationalized before saying a prayer and picking it up. Your case for health.

When we buy a $300, $500, or $1K phone, we usually wrap them in protective gear... you know, just in case. You and I both know the phone is valuable, but it's also replaceable.

Now think about how valuable your health is. What if you approached taking care of yourself with the same passion you have for protecting your phone in case you drop it? Your healthiest defense. As you start to venture back into the vaccinated post-covid world, remember the healthy lessons this past year has taught us:

  1. Being outside does wonders to bring a smile to your face.

  2. Moving daily does wonders to improve your mental health.

  3. Walking does wonders to relieve anxiety and clear your head.

  4. Sleeping more does wonders to defend your body from getting sick.

  5. Eating healthy does wonders to help you feel confident in your own skin.

  6. Family time does wonders to remind you why quality health is so important.

How anyone is brave enough to go through life without a case on their phone is mind-boggling to me. But as I'm finding out, even with a cracked screen, it's still useful.

Your next step is...

If your health or waistline isn't where you'd like for it to be, don't throw in the towel. There are a lot of healthy years ahead waiting for you to take action today. If you're needing the extra accountability to make these steps sustainable, let me know.

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