• Brent Gallagher

Should I Workout 7 Days A Week?

Updated: Feb 25

If some is good, more is better, right?

Yes, until you brush up against the Law of Diminishing Returns. Meaning, your ROI starts to decrease as you increase a single factor of productivity without changing the other variables.

So, should I workout 7 days a week? No. When most people start looking to train 7 days a week, one of two things are most likely happening:

  1. Current plan IS NOT working and believe adding more is the key.

  2. Current plan IS working and believe adding more will speed up the process.

Instead of working out 7 days a week, look to change "other variables" by assessing your food and drinking intake. Why start there? Because it's the lowest hanging fruit yet it holds the biggest bang for your buck in terms of fat loss. If the #1 excuse for not working out is a lack of time, why try to cram in another workout into an already busy day? Once you're consistent with 5 days a week of working out, the next step is to dial in your food and drinking. As much as this pains me to say, know this: Any program will work, as long as your food and drinking are under control.

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