• Brent Gallagher

"The Talk" for your middle-aged body

High school was weird for everyone. The same holds in middle-age. The changes that go on in your body are both really weird and uncomfortable. Some of you might remember having "the talk" with your parents or your kids. I wish, on your 45th birthday, a doctor would sit you down and have "the talk" for your middle-age years. The doctor would look you straight in the eyes and say:

"You need to really prepare, mentally, emotionally, and physically, for middle-age."

Seriously, think of a few of the things that no one tells you:

  1. Jumping during your workout could cause a little bit of pee.

  2. Bending over to tie your shoe could throw your back out.

  3. Comparing your body to that of a 21-year old only leads to disappointment, frustration, and being really unhappy.

  4. Think twice before the weekend benders. Your body and weight don't recover that quickly anymore.

  5. Don't throw in a towel on lifting weights because muscle mass drops 3-8% in your 30s, 40s, & 50s.

  6. Hold on once you get into your 60s and beyond because muscle declines even faster.

  7. Making a healthy lifestyle sustainable isn't about working out the hardest but avoiding the subtle buildup of fatigue.

  8. "Quality, not quantity" and "Work smarter, not harder" have replaced "No pain, no gain."

  9. There's no fountain of youth or miracle pill that reverses aging, regardless of what the infomercial, your best friend, or social media tells you.

  10. After 50, the rate of muscle loss exceeds the rate of fat gain.

Your body is the most valuable machinery in the world. And every choice you make has a price tag attached.

You're either slipping into an unhealthy lifestyle or proactively stepping into a thriving and robust way of living.

The beautiful part is that every choice, every workout, every meal, and every nights sleep is a chance to right the ship.

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